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Dreamer RO - Farming Caspen Dungeon [Sinx]

                     CASPEN DUNGEON SINX FARMING 


STR: 500
AGI: rest <---
VIT: 300
INT: 1
DEX: 100
LUK : 400

Right Hand = +10Blade [4xThePaperCard]
Left Hand = +10blade  [3xMobsterCard 1xThePaperCard] 

+0 ~ +10 V.Armor/Silk (+10Mdef ) [Ghostring/Evil Druid] - For redux

Head Gears:
Upper = Drooping Baphomet (Splash Damage) [Addax Card/Giearth] - For More HP
Mid = Any +30 Stat Wings/Red wing +15str [Addax Card/Giearth] - For More HP
Lower 1 = Night Vision Goggles/hero aura(splash) (+4 Range) [Addax Card/Vanberk] - Fore More HP

Aesprika - Can be claimed for 50 votes (First Choice)
Proxy [ Raydric ] - (Second Choice)

Sleipnir [Eddga Card]

 1 Strength Megz
1 Newbie Gloves [ Errende Ebecee ]Don't forget to:@aloot item enriched elunium

@aloot item emblem of the sun god
@aloot item bloody branch
@aloot item 12075 - Steamed Tongue
@aloot item yggdrasil berry
@aloot item yggdrasil seed
@aloot item 2554 - Proxy's
@aloot item 12247 - Halo Halo
@aloot item 12235 - Chocolate Strawberry
@aloot item 6048 - Unidentified Ore/Mineral 

Dreamer RO - Even Baby Can Now Spam Skills


I wonder how to spam skills Efficiently without having your finger fall off or your keyboard split into two ..
Hmm I wonder How , Wonder No More Cause Here Is The SOLUTION :

Download This and follow the step Sorry for no Pictures cause i had quit my DRO ,Here's The LINK ••►     http://www.mediafire.com/?qjgid2lqlxwf004 

After you all downloaded it Run it normally
Put the installed Macro F1 till F9 on the Desktop
After that you should open it by double clicking at Macro
After Done that you all should be able to spam skills using F1 till F9


Just Aim & And Press Hot Key F1-F9

You can use the Installed Macro as a Berry Spamming Device
You can use it to Spam Skills
You can make use of this Device to help you on A lot of Thing just make use of your BRAIN !!



Dreamer RO - Defense Calculation


About the Guide:

The guide is written by myself, Retired Player. I will break down anything about formulas, calculation of damage and stuff here. This is basically for people who want to understand the game more, optimize they're equip or just have too much free time. Lol I hope u have fun reading this hell wall of a text. Greets.

Defense - Calculation, Usage and why Noobs fail.

Defense is one of the most important status for most class's (beside some suicidal emos with Asura only, or SN's who die anyways) because it will make u get lower or higher damage from enemys. Higher? Yes, higher. If ur total defence is over "100" u will get the amount as percentage on bonus damage. The formula for thana/ice pick is this:

"[ATK * ( (Hard DEF + Soft DEF) /100)]"

This basically says that everything over Soft+Hard Def 100 increases the damage u get by a thana weapon by 1% per 1def. Soft+Hard Def at 120 would increase the damage from a thana weapon by exactly 20%. This is the reason people with high amount of vit kinda get raped from thana users. vit add's 1 Soft Def per point, making u go up to around 0+500 def without equip on with 500 vit for example. Putting that into the formula with for example 1.000 damage results in already 5.000 damage on you. In other words 5x damage. On the other hand making ur defense lower then 100, for example -10 Hard Def and +140 Soft Def would result in getting 10% more damage from non-thana sources and still 30% more damage from thana. For non thana the damage calculation is reducing 1% per Hard Def and 1 Flat Dmg per Soft Def. So 1000 damage with -10+140 (130) would do:

"(1000 + 10%) - 140 = 960" without Thana
"1000 + ((-10+140) / 100) = 1300" with Thana

This is the point where u should realise making a weapon with 4 thana for the -def on a wizard for example isnt that clever. Manny people still think: "Hey, i just use thana and tao so i can go higher vit and thana stil doenst hurt me" and they are right with that, till a certain point. Lets calculate the damage again with 1.000 damage and -80+200 (120) Def:

"(1000 + 80%) - 200 = 1.600" without Thana
"1000 * ((-80+200) / 100) = 1200" with Thana

U get more damage from both sources, thana and non-thana. The true point is that u can go higher vit without getting much more thana damage, but u get +80% (nearly 2x damage) from non-thana sources. People can switch to non-thana weapons, magic isnt affected by def and some skills even ignore def so that definitly wont make u live longer, even through u got 200 Vit. How is def calculated? Hard Def is calculated by the amount your equip gives u and the refine rate of it, even through the refine rate bonus is fixed and not affected by the base def the equip u refine gives. Every upgrade gives u 0,66 flat Hard Def. Means a +10 Armor gains +6 Def. Soft Def is calculated by the amount of Vit u got. 1 Vit gives 1 Flat Soft Def. Thats why u should keep ur vit low, but not too low. Some people try to hit 100 armor, lets just say it's possible this would be the calculation for example with a low amount of Soft Def and 98 Hard Def (98+20) with 1.000 Damage.

"(1000 -98%) - 20 = 0" without Thana
"1000 * ((98+20) / 100) = 1180" with Thana

End of the story is that u got nearly zero damage from any non-thana source, but u got only 20vit and thana still hurts u for 118% of the original damage. Also skills like "Asura" and "Sacrifice" ignore defense and deal 100% damage too u, not even talking about the magic damage u will get. Magical defense is actually about the same beside the fact that there isnt a thana card for magic defense. Every 1 Hard MDef reduces magical damage by 1% and every Soft MDef reduces the damage by 1 flat. For example with 50+250 MDef and 1.000 Damage the formula would be like this:

"(Damage - 1% * HardMDef) - SoftMDef" - Basic formula.
"(1.000 - 50%) - 250 = 250" with values.
This said a good defense would be around 20+80 for example. The calculation:
"(1000 - 20%) - 80 = 720" without Thana.
"1000 * ((20+80) / 100) = 1000" with Thana.

Thana still seams high with 1.0x Damage since it doesnt get reduced, right? Wrong. Think about it this way: U got a 4 slotted weapon with TG/TG/Hydra/Hydra for 1,96x damage (more about this later). This would make non-thana damage increase by 96% so 1.000 damage would get to 1.960. If the enemys uses a thana card now (because if u check the calculation on top it does more) he would be best off with Thana/TG/TG/Hydra resulting in: 

"((HardDef+SoftDef) / 100) + (1,4 * 1,2)"

Basically thats 168% from TG/TG/Hydra and the amount of percent that thana gives based on ur defense. But now check the calculation on top of this again. Thana increases his damage by zero compared to the start damage, but on the other side he looses 28% damage cause he drops one TG for the Thana. Lets calculate this again with that in the head and a higher damage value to see the difference better. Lets say 200.000 damage.

"((200.000 - 20%) - 80) * 1.96 = 313.443(,2)" with TG/TG/Hydra/Hydra
"(200.000 * ((20+80) / 100)) * 1,68 = 336.000" with Thana/TG/TG/Hydra

U can see, both damage values got only a small difference even through Thana did more then 1/4 more damage in the last calculation. The true point is that this will make u get a bit more damage from fast hits with low damage but the difference from higher damage sources like 3rd job skills, or skills like Bowling Bash and other is small. How Assumption works? This is pretty much easy to calculate, the formula changes to:
((Damage -/+ %Hard/Soft Def) * Card Factor) / 2.

Means any damage from Thana, cards like Hydra or other sources get halfed. Some skills like "Asura" and "Sacrifice" will completly ignore your defense (means Thana wont work for them too!) but they dont ignore Assumption.


                                       Status Effects


This effect slowly reduces your HP and can kill you. High AGI prevents occurrence and lowers the time it will last on you. Dispell and one of the Merchant Skills "Compress" can undo the effect. Ungoliant Card grants immunity, Wootan Fighter Card grants 20% resistance. Killer Mantis Card gives 6% to inflict it when receiving physical damage and Hatii Claw adds 2% chance of inflicting it on the target when doing a melee atack.


Reduces ur Hit and Flee Rate by 25%, also reduces ur range of visibility graphically. Green Potion, Panacea, Royal Jelly and Cure can undo this. Having high Vit, Int and Luk will reduce the amount of time it affects you, as well as the chance to be affected. Dispell and Mercenary's "Benediction" can remove this. Also /effect will disable the graphically part. Deviruchi Card grants immunity while Martin Card grants 20% resistance and Obeaune Card allows Cure to remove the status.


Deals fixed (1000 + 3%*MaxHP) damage every 3 seconds that cant be reduced. Inflicted by Dragon Breath, Hell Inferno and Fire Trap. Minimum duration is 10 seconds but the maximum duration can be lowered by MDef. U cant be freezed while burning and Boss Monster are immune to this.

Chaos (Confusion)

The character moves into unintendet directins when trying to navigate. Cure, Green Potion, Panacea, Royal Jelly and also Dispell and Mercenary's "Mental Cure" can undo this affect.
Evil Snake Lord Card and Giearth Card grants immunity while Wootan Shooter Card grants 20% resistance.


Reduces target's HP to 1 and SP to 0. Alos when using it against a monster the amount of Exp that equals the damage u dealt during this period is not given when the monster dies. Golden Thiefbug Card reduces the chance by 70% (it doesnt give immune on this server). U can also dodge Coma by having high flee. High Luk will decrease the chance of Coma when atacked but inversely having higher Luk will increase the chances for Coma infliction.
Critical Wounds
Lowers the effectiveness of healing on you by 20% per level of the critical wound that inflicted it. Lasts 30 seconds and u can dodge it with high flee, Safety Wall (close range) and Pneuma (long range). Reloging cancels this status.


Reduces your attack by 25%, your Luk to 0 and highly reduces your Movement Speed. Panacea, Royal Jelly, Holy Water an Blessing can undo this effect. Luk and Vit reduces the chance of being cursed and Vit only reduces the duration. Dispell and Mercenary's "Benediction" can also undo this while Evil Snake Lord Card gives immunity.

Deep Sleep

Recovers 2% of HP/SP per second and amplifies the next atack by 1,5x. Base Level and Int reduce the duration.

Divest (Full Strip, Strip)

The player can not reequip any items into a given equipment slot, depending on which one was targeted. High Dex lowers the chance and the protection skills of Alchemists grants immunity to any divest.

Freezing (Note: Not Frozen)

Movement Speed reduced by 70%, Atack Speed by 30% and Physical Defens by 30%. Fixed Cast Time is increased by 50%. Minimum duration 10 seconds. Inflicted by Frosty Mist, Tetra Vortex, Ice Trap and Ice Launcher.


All Def contributed by items is reduced by 50%. (Hard/Soft Def -50% for Monsters) while any flee will be negated. Increases HardMdef by 25% and ignores Steal, Lex Aeterna, Storm Gust and Snow Flake Darf. Impossible to move, atack, pick up items, skill usage, sitting and item usage. Armor attribute becomes Water Lvl 1 (Note: This works even with Ghostring and other Cards/Armors that give elements). Getting hit cancel's this just like Priest's "Recovery", Swordman's Provoke and Scholar's Mind Breaker. High MDef and Luk will reduce the amount of time and chance.Dispell and Mercenary's "Tender" can undo this too. Evil Druid Card grants elemental immunity, Marc Card / Detardeus Card grants immunity to freeze and Megalodon Card increases resistance by 20%. Also Evil Druid Card grants elemental immunity.


The screen goes wavy and you see crazy numbers for all damage that is processed around you, but they are all fake. Even other players see those numbers at you. The wavy screen effect will cause severe local-machine lag on many newer computers (less than 1 fps), making it difficult to move or use skills or items. Can be cured by Panacea and Royal Jelly. /effect will disable the "wavy" rendering effect but damage will still be displayed as random numbers. Dispell and Mercenary's "Mental Cure" can undo this.

Hell's Power

The effected player cannot be resurrected. Relogging does not cancel the effect.


Def from status is reduced by 25% and while your HP is over 25% you will loose 1,5% + 2HP of your max HP every second. (15%+20HP Flat after 10 seconds for example) SP Regeneration is disabled. Green Herb, Green Potion, Panacea, Royal Jelly and Detoxify can undo this. Having High Vit and Luk will reduce the amount of time as well as chance of being affected. Priest's Slow Poison prevents damage taken from poison but doesn't cure the reduced Def effect. Dispell and Mercenary's "Recuperate" can remove this. Argiope Card grants Poison Armor element, and immunity to Poison atacks, but not the poison status itself. Ghoul Card increases resistance by 20%. Poporing Card allows use of Detoxify to remove it urself and Venomous Card has a 30% chance to inflict it to urself or the enemy when u receive damage.


Unable to use any active skills for the duration. Lex Divina, Green Potion, Panacea, Royal Jelly and Cure can undo the effect. Having high Vit, Int and Luk reduces the amount of time and chance of being affected. Dispell and Mercenary's "Recuperate" can undo this also. Marduk Card grants immunity, Gemini S-58 adds 30% resistance if the user got 90 or more base Agi points. Steiner Card increases resistance by 20%, Gangster Mask by 15% and Valkyrian Armor by 50% if the user is Acolyte, Archer or Mage class.


Impossible to move, atack, pick up items, skill usage, sitting and item usage. 100% hitchance and 2x crit chance for the next hit on yourself for enemys. Getting high Int and Luk reduce the amount of time and chance of being affected. Dispell and Mercenary's "Regain" can undo this. Nightmare Card grants immunity, Gemini-S58 Card increases resistance by 50% if the user has 80 or more base Vit and Coco Card grants 20%.

Slow Casting

Increases your casting time by 20-100% for 30 seconds.


All def from items is reduced by 50% (Hard/SoftDef -50% for Monster). Increases your Mdef by 25% and changes ur elemental status to Earth lvl 1 while it ignores Steal and Lex Aeterna. Impossible to move, attack, pick up items, skill usage, sitting and item usage. Getting hit physical/magical will cancel the effect just like Recovery and Blessing do. Having high Mdef and Luk will reduce the amount of time and chance of being affected. Dispell and Mercenary's "Tender" also undo this. Medusa Card grants immunity. Munak adds 15% resistance, Argos Card 20% and Gemini S-58 Card 30% if the user has 80 or more base Vit. Also Evil Druid Card grants elemental immunity.


Any flee will be negated and blocks move, attack, pick up items, skill usage, sitting, force and item usage. Vit (greatly) and Luk (minorly) will reduce the duration and chance to be inflicted. base level will slightly lower the chance too. Recovery, Dispell and Mercenary's "Regain" can undo this effect. Orc Hero Card grants immunity while Stalactic Golem inreases resistance by 20%, Flame Skull Card by 30% and Gemini S-58 Card by 30% of the user has 90 or more base Agi. Valkyrian Armor also grants 50% if the user is merchant, swordsman or thief class.

Undead (Only caused by NPC/Mob)

The player becomes undead property and buffs like Blessing and Increase Agi will be removed. Heal and Sanctuary will have they'e effect reduced to 0. Aspersio will deal damage to the player (can be copied!). Causes the player's sprite to glow green. Bathory and Evil Druid Card causes the skill infliction to miss. Dispell also removes it.

Overheat (Mechanic with Madogear only)

Causes loss of HP over time. The overheat limit refers to the amount of damage a Madogear User can receive before this status effect is inflicted. Cooldown removes this and Remodel Mainframe can increase the Overheat Limit.


Caused by Diamond Dust and Summon Aqua in Offensive Mode. Causes loss of 2% of HP and 1% of SP per second while the target cant atack, move, use skills and items. Warmer, Target's Vit and fire based atacks recover this.

                                   STATS & It's USE

Atack Speed (ASPD)

Atack Speed is affected by the player's class, weapon type and Agi and Dex. Wearing a shield decreases atack speed. Each cass has a base Aspd (146 to 156) wich is affected by the weapn (-50 to +2). A shield reduces Aspd by 5-10. Formula's:
(1 - (Jobbase - 144)) / 50 - Aspd Penalty (Limit down to 0,96. Keep 2 decimals)
(√ (205) - √(AGI)) / 7.15 - Aspd Correction (Round up to 3 decimals)
200-(200-(Job Base Aspd + shield penalty - ASPD Correction + √(AGI * 9.999 + DEX * 0.19212) * Aspd penalty)) *(1 - ASPD Potion_% - ASPD Skill %) - Base Aspd (Round down to 2 decimal)
(195 - Base Aspd) * Aspd-Equip% - (% Aspd Equipment) (Round down to 1 decimal)
Base Aspd + (% ASPD Equipment) + fixed Aspd Equipment - Final Aspd

Atack (ATK)

Status Atack is derived from players stats, base level and most notably from Str or Dex depending on the weapon you use. Formulas:
Status Atack - Floor(BaseLevel / 4 + Str + Dex/5 + Luk/3)
Normally neutral expect when using Mild Wind or a weapon with element. When used without a weapon it ignores resistances like Raydric and Asprika. Also ignores +% Atk effects. Weapon atack get's calculated like this:
Weapon Atack - (BaseAtack + Variance + Str Bonus + Refinement Bonus) * Size Penalty
The variance result's from weapon level and base weapon atack.

HP (Life)

This one is more for the people under us that understand coding since it's a bit more then just formula's. Max HP is calculated by using an algorithm with values from a lookup table. HP_JOB_A is the class modifer, for example Knights got a higher one then Thiefs. HP_JOB_B is the parenthsis number, mostly just "5". HP_MOD_A is the additive modifer and HP_MOD_B the multiplicative modifier. TRANS_MOD is 1,25 for transcendet classes, 1 else. Base HP is the same for all characters with the same job and same level. HP increases by 1% per Vit, calculated before modifers. Also flat modifiers like +500HP apply before multiplicative modifiers like 5%. This is the algorithm for math fans:
var BASE_HP = 35;
for (var i = 2; i <= BASE_LEVEL; i++) {
  BASE_HP += Math.round(HP_JOB_A * i);

var MAX_HP = BASE_HP; 
MAX_HP = Math.floor( MAX_HP * (1 + VIT * 0.01) * TRANS_MOD ); 
MAX_HP = Math.floor( MAX_HP * (1 + HP_MOD_B * 0.01) );

Movement Speed(MS)

Movement speed is the speed the player takes to move 1 cell on a map, not affected my Agi. The base value is 0,15 means 0,15sec per field. Increase Agi lowers it to 0,11 seconds, same then riding a Mount. Both can stack to get 0,07 (~200% Speed). Speed Potion lowers it even further to 0,6 (~250% Speed). Quagmire, Decrease Agi, Slow Grace, Curse and some other Skills reduce this. U cant move while frozne, stunned or stoned. A Speed Potion does not stack with any other speed increases, and cancels most speed reducing effects. Speed Potions last 5 seconds. Also Sleipnir grants movement speed too.

Weight Limit

The weight limit is how much you can carry. If a character is carrying 50% or more of the weight limit, he has minor overweight. Minor overweight cancels HP Recovery, SP Recovery, Increase HP Recovery and Increase SP Recovery as well as restricting the use of skills that create items, like Find Stone and Arrow Crafting. When carrying 90% or more of the weight limit, the character has major overweight. During major overweight, a character cannot attack or use skills at all. The formula is the following:
"2000 + (Base Str * 30) + Modifer"
The Modifer is 800 for Swordsman, Knight, Crusader, Shadow Chaser, TaeKwon Kid and Gunslinger. 600 for Archer, Priest, Monk and Ninja. 400 for Thief, Assassin, Rogue, Acolyte, Wizard, Sage and Soul Linker. 1000 for Sura, Blacksmith, Alchemist, Warlock and Sorcerer. Rune Knight got 200, while Royal Guard got 1500, Guiltine Cross 1200 and Mage only 200 and Novice and Super Novie 0.

Flee (Dodge)

Flee makes u able to completly avoid being hit (Note: If u dont get hit, status's from weps wont apply on u too.) by any non-magic source of damage. Its mainly based on Base Level and Agi. Being atacked by more then two monsters or players decreases your flee by 10% per mob/player. More then 11 monster will hit u with 100% chance regardless of your Flee. Formula for calculating your flee chance:
Actual Flee = Skill Bonus + 100 + (BaseLevel + Agi + Item Bonus) * (1 - ((Mobs - 2) * 0. 1))
While Item Bonus is granted from Items, Cards and Skills. Mobs is the amount of Monster attacking you.

Perfect Dodge (PD)

Perfect Dodge allows the player to dodge a physical atack by a chance in percentage. Its calculated before Flee and is not reduced by the amount of mobs atacking you. 100 Perfect Dodge for example will make u immune to any non-cast Monster. U can still dodge Atacks with Flee if they dont get blocked by Perfect Dodge. Doesnt work against Skills, Traps and Magic. Also overrides critical hits and doesnt cap so u can go till 100. Note that Curse sets ur Luk to 0, hardly reducing your Perfect Dodge. The formula is:
1 + (Luk * 0.1) + Modifer
The Modifer result's out of all bonus's from cards and equipment. Every 10 Luk increase Perfect Dodge by 1 according to this.


Every Monster got a Size attribute. There is Large, Medium and Small while Player are always Medium. (Note: Adopted Baby's are Small!). Dagger, 2h Swords, Axe's, Claw's and Huuma Shuriken only do 75% on Medium Sized Chars/Mobs. This means u will only do 75% damage on the enemy using for example a 2h Sword against another Player.

                  Skill Formulas - How your Skills work


The highes single-target burst skill of all skills on Ragnarok. Some people manage to get damages up to over 25.000.000 with it, while other fail at 200.000 because they dont know how to use the skill, how it works and how to increase the damage it does. The base formula for Asura is this:
[(Weapon ATK+Base ATK) x (8 + SP/10) + 250 + (SkillLV*150)] * Card Effects
and can be simplified into:
[(Total Attack) x ( 8 + SP/10 ) + 750] * Card Effects
The most important points in it are your "Total Atack", the amount of bonus damage percent from cards, item's and other and your SP amount. The SP amount taken into the calculation is capped at 6.000 SP but the skill will use any SP you got. Everything over 6.000 does not increase your damage, but everything under 6.000 lowers it by percentage. To get the most damage u will need to focus on your atack and the bonus amount from cards and equipment. The skill is affected by any +% Card, +% Item or +% headgear/wings/aura. Basically the best weapon comes out with 196% damage non-elite and 235% elite. Highest total bonus get-ableis at around 3,5-4x damage from cards/items. Highest total atack at around 7.200 but everything over 5k is fine. Just keep in mind that atack hardly increases your damage. Also SP can lower your damage by percant, heres a example with 6.000 Atack and a 96% weapon only. With 6k SP (Max) and 1k Sp,
[(4.000) x ( 8 + 6000/10 ) + 750] * 1,96 = 4.768.190
[(4.000) x ( 8 + 1000/10 ) + 750] * 1,96 = 848.190
U can see that 6k SP does 100% of the possible damage while 1/6 of the SP does 1/6 of the damage only too. This is the reason Asura -> Seed -> Asura spamming with 1-2k SP are only 1/3 of the damage the Asura could actually do. Forced neutral.


Another one of the highest damage skills in Ragnarok. It uses your own HP by 9% per hit and amplifies this amount to be used as a damage value against the enemy. Formula:
(9% of MaxHP x1,4 + (Weapon Mastery+Weapon Upgrade Bonus+Demon Bane)) +%Cards
Most of the mastery stuff isnt worth calculating it in per skill level on a high rate, thats why i just put in the highest skill level bonus's so u get this:
[(9% of MaxHP x 1,4) + 100] * Card Effects
Most important part's here are just your MaxHP and again the Card Effects. However +30%HP for example increases your damage less then +30% damage does. Example with 7mHP Base, and either +30% HP or +30% Card Effects.
[(630.000 x 1,4) + 100] * 1.0 = 882.100 - Base
[(630.000 x 1,4) + 100] * 1.3 = 1.146.730 - Base + 30% Damage
[(819.000 x 1,4) + 100] * 1.0 = 1.146.700 - Base + 30% HP
The difference is small, but +% Damage always does more then +30% HP would. Keep this in mind when looking for the highest damage gear. Vit also increases the damage of sacrifice, since it add's percantage of HP. Str/Dex/Luk dont increase it. But Sacrifice can be increased by skills like Magnum Break that add 20% of the damage on top as fire element based damage. Weapon Cards like Hydra and TG or Headgears that add +% damage increase it, same with weapons themself that add +% damage like the battleground spear. Note that the formula is per-hit not total damage. Deals 5 hits and takes 45% (5 * 9) total, forced neutral.

Acid Demonstration

Deals 10 Hits to the enemy and counts as magical damage. Add's a 10% chance to break armor and weapon of the target per skill-usage not per-hit. Formula:
 [(0.7 * Target's VIT * Creator's INT^2) / (Target's VIT + Creator's INT)] / 2
The "/ 2" only counts in when atacking other demi-human monster or player. Means any damage of the skill gets halfed when atacking other player. It only destroy's your enemys weapon/armor, not your own. Uses a Bottle grenade and one Acid Bottle per time and Mistress Card doesnt remove this. The damage is mostly based on your own Int and the enemys Vit (Vit only, not Def in any way). It get's reduced by Ghostring Card and is always neutral element damage. Cards and items (beside +% AD items) do not increase the damage of the skill (+30Int Helm increases AD for example while +20% damage doesnt.).


Tripples your HP and replenishes them to 100% while it doubles your damage (Note: Damage, not Atack) and increases your Aspd (Atack Speed) by 30%. Also highers your movement speed (does not stack with anything beside your Mount) and gives the Endure effect without further cost, but halves your Flee Rate. Def and MDef are set to 0 for the duration of the skill and u loose 5% of your current HP every 15 seconds. You cant chat (Alt+C works), change equipment or regain any HP/SP for the duration of the skill (5minutes). The effect cancels out if your HP drops to 100 or below.

Dragon Breath

Rune Knights farming and AoE Burst skill. The skill is mainly based on your HP and SP and works with any +% damage source including Thana and Ice Pick. Formula:
[(CurrentHP*0.016)+(MaxSP*0.192)} * Skill Level * Base/100 * ElementMod]* Card Effects
The skill is forced fire element, making Stone Curse your friend since it changes your enemy's armor to Earth Lvl 1 and increases the Element Modifer by %. Vit increases the damage more then Int does, because 1% HP is a greater value then 1% Sp.

                       Card Effects and Bonus Damage

This part is about getting the highest bonus damage from your gear. Manny ppl still think that 4x Hydra for example gives the same damage then 2x Hydra and 2x TG. This is wrong. Only bonus effects from the same source stack, other multiply. Example:

4 x 20% Hydra = 80% Bonus Damage
(2 x 20% Hydra) * (2 x 20% TG) = 40% * 40% = 96% Bonus Damage

That makes stacking the same card four times less effective then stacking cards that work on different modifers like element, size and race and more. For example the highest getable weapon for Bowling Bash (not counting elite in)  in a 2h sword would be:

50% * 20% * 25% = 115% Bonus Damage (2xGuardian/TG/Drake)

Why Drake u ask now, right? Simple. 2handed Swords only do 75% against other middle-sized enemys and human/player count as middle. Hydra/TG would do 20% here, while Drake does 25%. If u want Thana/Whitesmith in that weapon this is the best combo:

50% * 25% + (Thana% or 0 if Whitesmith) = 87,5% Bonus Damage (+Thana%)

Overall cards that do for example "+% Damage to Demi Human" stack with other cards that do bonus damage to Demi-Human, but multiply with cards that do "+% Damage to all Enemys". The same thing count's in for headgears. "+% Damage to Demi-Human" Headgear's for example work better with Turtel General Cards then Hydra Cards. Example:

20% Headgear + TG = 1,2 * 1,2 = 1,44 (44%)
20% Headgear + Hydra = 1,2 + 1,2 = 1,4 (40%)

Keep that in mind when equipping yourself.

                       TO MUCH INFORMATION !!

Dreamer RO - Bossnia Rune Knight Farming Guide

Bossnia Farming Guide - RK

Bossnia (RK)

Headgear Part
  • Upper = +0 ~ +10   Dropping Maya (Reflect 10%) //
  • Middle = Black Angel Ghost (Reflect 10%)
  • Lower = Poring Ring (100% Movement Speed)

Card to be used here: Orc Hero Card, Addax Card, Evil Snake Lord ( kalo nak gne giggling box)
  • +7 ~ +10 = Meteor Plate / VA 

Card to be used here : Frus Card (Reflect 2 times refine rate of the  armor)
p/s: personally I used +7(+10Vit) for more Hp.. 
  • Brocca (for non hero) no slot sorry
  • +0 ~ +10   Glorified Lance  
Card to be used here : 3 Vadoon Cards , 1 Thana Card

  • Sleipnir of the God

Card to be used here: Green Ferus

  • +0 ~ +10 Orlean Shield

Card to be used here: Maya Card

  • 2 Vmeg // 1 Vmeg +  [1] Necklace  // 1 Vmeg + Medal of Honor (dropped by addax or BG)
Card to be used here : Wraith Card (obtain giggling box)
If Have Novice Glove use it , it still add some stats